Anywhere in the document „the Website” refers to the domain and the website They, as well as the trade name „”Stay Nexus” Apartments” are the property of Nexus Estates EOOD with UIC 131333721, herein below unified under the name Provider. „”Stay Nexus” Apartments” offer accommodation and services in accommodation facilities such as “rooms, apartments or guest houses”. The locations of “Stay Nexus” Apartments are situated in the city of Sofia, in residential buildings with different administrative addresses and they are usually just a few on the same address. The team of “Stay Nexus” Apartments is committed to maintain the highest possible quality to price ratio of the offered services. For this purpose, we work under specific conditions, which are listed below and which the User undertakes to fulfil.

1. Virtual services of the Website
The unit price (for 1 bed for an adult); the key features of the room or the apartment and an additional information helping you to make an informed choice when purchasing the desired service are indicated on the webpage for each type of room presented in the website. All prices advertised on the website are indicative. We strive to be maximally flexible and to do constant discounts depending on the Customer’s needs and preferences. That’s why all prices advertised on the website should be considered as indicative and the only up-to-date and binding prices are these, that we have agreed on with you when making your bookings and that you will receive together with the e-mail inviting you to confirm and pay for your booking. “Stay Nexus” Apartments have the right to make changes in the published services and prices at any time and without notice. Part of the information published in the Website may refer to products, services and programmes, that are not offered and that are unavailable at the moment. When the booking is made through a portal or a website other than, then we, “Stay Nexus” Apartments are committed to the prices and the terms and conditions of this particular booking. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all payments made through the website or the virtual POS terminal should be considered “irrevocable” – the money is not returned in case of cancellation or no-show at the agreed check-in time. Changes are only possible in exceptional circumstances and wherever possible to comply with the Customer, but must be agreed and approved in writing by us.

2. Buying a service presented in the Website
The Customer has the right to order services provided by the Provider. When making the booking, the Customer has the right to select the services and their type, method and time limit for providing in compliance with the options offered by the Provider. The Customer has the right to modify the services he has selected at any time before the payment of the order. When making a booking through the Website, the Customer enters into a contractual relationship with Nexus Estates EOOD, concerning the specific purchase and covered by these General terms and conditions. The order is considered submitted after its confirmation following the instructions and the conditions of the Website. The Provider has the right to change the prices on his own discretion, at any time without having to notify the Customer in advance. The Customer must pay the price, that has been referred to in the e-mail, where the Provider confirms the order, regardless if it is lower or higher than the current one. Thus, the price being paid is the final price of the selected services and does not change.

3. Payment of purchased services
The ordered services are paid by a credit or a debit card, through a virtual POS terminal, as well as by bank transfer. The Customer receives access to the payment module through an e-mail sent by the Provider, that confirms the Customer’s choice. The Customer declares, that he is willing to pay for the selected services in advance. When paying through a virtual POS terminal, the Customer deposits an amount equal to the value of the order made through a virtual POS terminal and the ordered services are only provided after the deposit transaction is confirmed.
The deposit is made by clicking on the link in the e-mail that was sent and by entering the date required by the operating bank in view of the implementation of the transaction. The User declares, that he is aware of the General terms and conditions for payments through the virtual POS terminal to the Card operators and to the bank issuing his bank card.
In case of refusal of the issuing Bank or the card operator to confirm payment, that was made, then Nexus Estates EOOD does not provide the ordered services, and if there is a doubt about the use of somebody else’s or a fake bank card, it notifies the appropriate authorities about that, and then it has the right to forward them all the available information about the said User, including his personal data, if available.

4. Refusal of a purchased service
Unless expressly stated otherwise in the e-mail confirming the order, the User does not have the right to refuse the service contract without due compensation or penalty, regardless whether the service was used or not.

5. Accommodation
Due to the limited number of rooms and apartments on a specific address the Provider cannot and does not maintain a 24-hour front desk on each one of the addresses it manages. The Provider has only one front desk, located on the following address: 18, Shipchenski prohod Blvd., 1113 Sofia (sharing the same address with Galaxy Shopping Centre), entrance B /”Б”/ (not to be confused with entrance C /”В”/), fl. 1st-residential (above the 1st ground floor and the 2nd trading floor). The front desk opening hours are from 10:00h to 20:30h. There is a different time interval for accommodation for each particular address, that is indicated in the e-mails confirming and approving the order. With its order the User declares, that he agrees with this interval for accommodation and discharges the Provider, if he is not able to come within the specified time. The “early check-in“ service (before the indicated start time for check-in and after 9:30h) is possible and free of charge, but cannot be guaranteed, because it depends on the time it was vacated by the previous guest. In case there is an opportunity and at the request of the guest, the Provider also offers the service “luggage storage” free of charge. The “late check-in” service (after the agreed end time of accommodation) is paid and only possible after its prior agreement and approval by the Provider. The price of this service depends on whether you will use a shuttle to the place of accommodation and it is agreed separately for each case. The “late check-in” service is not carried out by the Provider, but by third parties, with which it may not has contractual relationships. The User has the right to find third parties by himself, who will carry out this service for him and will appear at the front desk within the opening hours in order to obtain access to the room against a filled-in address card for registration. The User must inform the Provider about the estimated time of arrival and the active telephone number on which he answers on the day of check-in. Changes in the check-in time and the telephone number used by the User are only possible after the Customer has called any of the Provider’s contact telephone numbers in person. The Provider replies to each e-mail within 24 hours of its receipt and answers each phone call immediately upon its receipt. Calls or messages through Viber, Messenger or other online platforms are not considered a phone call and replying through them cannot be guaranteed by the Provider. For accommodations in rooms and apartments located at the following address: 18, Shipchenski prohod Blvd., city of Sofia and within the interval from 10:00h to 20:30h, the guest is not obliged to call the Provider on the phone and may arrive directly at the front desk. In any other case, the guest will be obliged by his order, to call any of the Provider’s contact telephone numbers upon his arrival at address of accommodation he has selected. Depending on the address, a representative of the Providere ensures the accommodation of the guest in the room or the apartment he has ordered within 1 to 20 minutes after the call. If it turns out that the User has not arrived at his address of accommodation and the Provider’s representative has to wait for the User, then the latter may be charged additionally depending on the waiting time. If any difficulties to find the exact address of his accommodation, the User calls the Provider on the phone and receives the respective instructions in English, Russian or Bulgarian. The rooms and the apartments offered by the Provider are private properties in residential buildings for permanent habitation and the User agrees that making them public is inappropriate and not allowed. The User declares, that he has understood the specifics of the accommodation selected by him and cannot expect the presence of information boards and/or ads with the name of the accommodation. The guest is obliged to follow the rules and the norms of the Bulgarian Law concerning the habitation of the living areas provided to him and to avoid disturbing and bother his neighbours, including, but not limited to the occasion of its accommodation. If it turns out that the User does not answer the contact telephone number provided by him or his phone line is inactive, then the Provider is not responsible for the resulting problems concerning the accommodation.

6. Check out
Checking out the occupied rooms is possible at any time of the day. At check-out, the User is obliged to lock the front door of the apartment and leave the keys at the place indicated by the Provider. In case the guest loses the keys provided to him or forgets to put them at the specified place, then he is obliged to pay an amount of 50 BGN to cover the cost of the purchase and installation of a new latch and latchkeys.

7. Smoking policy
In compliance with the Bulgarian Law, the Provider complies with the policy of non-smoking in all internal parts of the areas inhabited and managed by him, including: guest rooms and apartments, public areas and corridors. Guests, who do not comply with our policy are fined with 20.00 BGN, which will be added to the Customer’s bill. Possible areas for smoking are the balconies and the terraces of the areas managed by us. Thank you for your compliance with the Smoking policy.

8. Others
The Provider has the right to alter the technology and the design of the provided Services without prior notice.
The present terms and conditions may be updated at any time, without specifically notifying the Customers. The Provider is not responsible, if the Customer has not read the last version of the present terms and conditions.
When using the services of the Provider, the Customer undertakes to respect the present terms and conditions, as well as all other conditions set by the legislation of Republic of Bulgaria and the international legislation, even if they are not mentioned in the present terms and conditions.

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